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A variety of special application products are available Please contact Acme Engineering Department for further information on product design and specification services available.


Car Wash Service Doors

CAR WASH SERVICE DOORS Including Galvanized G90 curtains, bottom bar, guide angles and hood with special water tight electric motor operators and controls (if specified as motor operated). Available with optional baked-on select color finished curtains.

Perforated service doors

PERFORATED SERVICE DOORS Provides economical security while allowing full visual access and air circulation through the door while closed. (Also available as our 'Bug Barrier' insect screen door to provide a barrier to most insects and litter.)

Pedestrian pass doors

PEDESTRIAN PASS DOOR For areas requiring convenient pedestrian passage with limited access doors, a pass door provides access without having to raise the rolling door. The pass door and frame are hinged to swing clear of opening when desired to give full use of door width.

Service doors with grille section

SERVICE DOORS WITH GRILLE SECTION The strength and security of a service door with an open intermediate grille section within provides visibility, light and air circulation at an affordable price。 Available in a variety of shapes and finishes of slats and grille curtains。

Combination Doors

ROLLING COMBINATION DOORS Two Rolling Doors mounted on top of each other for multiple season use。 The front door can be a grille or service door with grille section to let some air in summer use while keeping your building secure。  The back door is an insulated door with weather stripping on all four sides to keep the cold out in the winter。

Bug Doors

BUG DOORS Very Strong vinyl Rolling Door.  For keeping the bugs out while letting the cool air in on hot summer days. Comes with safety striped to easily identify.   

Sloping Bottom Bar

SLOPING BOTTOM BARS For Doors that are mounted on hills or uneven surfaces to keep people and rodents out of your building.  All Sloping Bottom Bars are custom made to the customers specs.  Bottom bars are made with 2" x 2" galvanized steel angles and can be made with rubber(astragal), stainless steel rodent protection or safety edge(electric or pneumatic) on the bottom.



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