"Blaze Gard" Fire Shutters



Counter Shutters to be as manufactured by Acme Rolling Steel Door Corporation, constructed in accordance with requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., bearing (A), (B) or (C) labels.

Curtains: To be constructed of cold rolled galvanized steel (stainless steel) interlocking flat slats. Slats to be 22 gauge. Each end of slat to be fitted with end locks. Bottom bar to be fabricated of matching angles and equipped with slide bolt locks (standard coil side).

Guides湖北快3开奖: To be fabricated from steel (stainless steel) per details approved by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Counterbalance Assembly: To consist of helical torsion springs enclosed in a pipe shaft which is to rotate in sealed ball bearings supported by steel end bracket plates.

Automatic Closing: To be by release of fusible link in the event of fire. Bracket is to be equipped with an automatic starting device that provides rotational energy from a spring to close the shutter. A governor is to be furnished where required by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Hood: To be square shape galvanized steel (stainless steel) minimum 24 gauge.

Operation: For shutters to be manual push-up with lift handle on bottom bar; (crank operation with removable handle, or motor operation).

Finish: Galvanized steel with a baked-on polyester primer. (Stainless steel in a #4 satin finish).


Optional Items

Smoke Detection Equipment including electro magnetic release device and local smoke detectors。

UL Listed brush smoke baffles for lintel and guides.





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