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Acme "Air Seal" Glass Sectional Doors are the preferred option where full protection from the elements is desired。 'Air Seal" Glass Sectional Doors are provided with a flat slat, guide, hood and bottom bar weatherstripping to minimize the infiltration of air, dust and moisture。 Guide weatherstripping can be provided on both sides of guides for added protection。 For complete protection against the elements specify the "Energy Saver" insulated slat door which includes the "Air Seal" package。 With the complete package, the problems of heat loss, dust and air infiltration are minimized。 See page 4 of catalog for specifications and specify the Acme "Air Seal" weather-stripped door as option。

The "Air Seal" door has continuous extruded vinyl snap-on weatherstripping at the guides allowing the door to be operated in the usual free manner and when closed to eliminate air and dust infiltration.

"Air Seal" hood baffles are a combination of metal with neoprene edge attached to the inside of the hood providing weather tightness around the coil。

The "Air Seal" door has a neoprene loop astragal which insures tight contact with the sill。

"Air Seal" doors can also be provided with neoprene or brush lintel baffles, insulated slat curtains, and double guide weatherstripping, among options to completely seal the opening from the elements.


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